Mindfulness & Yoga Programs

Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR)



MBSR is a program that helps you learn to calm your mind and body to help you better cope with stress, pain, illness or chronic conditions. Mindfulness is a meditation practice in which we train ourselves to pay close attention to the present moment experience. Connecting with the present moment helps us become aware of habitual thought patterns and start to create healthier ways of responding to life’s challenges. Mindfulness practice cultivates clarity and insight and a greater connection to life as well as a healthier response to stress. This course is for those who may be experiencing stress from chronic physical or psychological conditions or for anyone who wishes to better manage stress or take better care of themselves. The course follows the scientifically proven teachings of John Kabat Zinn and participants will learn mindful meditation and movement practices that explore the interplay of mind and body and strengthen one’s inner resources for coping, healing and growth. 

Where: 681 Markham St., Toronto

When: Thursdays April 4th– May 23rd, 2019, 6 pm – 8:30 pm

Silent Retreat: Sunday May 19th 11 am – 5 pm

Cost: $475; early registration by March 25th $425; student/low income $400; limited number of partial subsidies are available based on need 

Registration:   http://www.iftheatre.org/mbsr/mindfulness_based_stress_reduction/

Faculty & Contact

Judy Waldman RN, MN, NP-PHC, RYT contact: info@judywaldmancounselling.com 

Sara Escott MEd, BFA contact:info@mindfulwaves.com

Facilitators are certified MBSR teachers through the Centre for Mindfulness Studies and the University of Toronto and trained for MBSR facilitation with Centre for Mindfulness of the University of California San Diego.

Please feel free to contact the facilitators for any further information. 

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Yoga & Trauma Therapy


Yoga Classes

Private, individual yoga classes at the office or in your own home

Group yoga classes are available on request

Trauma Sensitive Yoga classes for individuals and groups

Yoga and Trauma Therapy

Yoga has been shown to be associated with a  reduction in post-traumatic stress symptoms and for managing anxiety and stress. Yoga has been studied as an adjunctive therapy for its physical and mental effects on many medical conditions. The mind and body are interconnected and thus body awareness is an important aspect of learning to manage emotional and physical manifestations of trauma, anxiety and stress. The use of physical postures and breathing exercises and concentration techniques are ideal regulating emotion. 

Judy may use yoga and mindfulness practices and approaches in counselling and therapy. 

For further information call: 416-364-0240

Mindful Meditation & Movement


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